CD review Paganini 24 Caprices
Digging Deep. Augustin Hadelich, whose big break came with his sensational win at the 2006 International Violin Competition of Indianopolis, is of course the master of all these violinistic refinements. Now with the 24 Caprices he is making his début with Warner Classics. Paramount for him is the search for musical substance in Paganini’s music, which, due to disproportionate emphasis of its dazzling technical features, is often at risk of being swamped by étude-like pyrotechnics. For Augustin Hadelich, the technical aspect never dominates. Outward brilliance takes a back seat, and is eclipsed by the musical message. Highly sensitive, Hadelich scours Paganini’s music for atmospheres, colours, and the smallest of musical happenings, taking his time to do so, and fathoming greater depths than most.
Deutschlandfunk | 11 February 2018

CD review of Sibelius and Adès violin concertos with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Hannu Lintu
It is a musical and dramaturgical stroke of genius on the part of Augustin Hadelich to juxtapose the violin concertos of Thomas Adès and Jean Sibelius on his CD. Mirrored in the Sibelius concerto, the 21st century tonal language of Thomas Adès doesn't appear as a foreign body from the distant future, but timeless in the best sense of the word, and the music of Sibelius appears surprisingly modern, in spite of the immense difference in age. [...] In his early thirties and of German parentage, this is doubtless one of the greatest virtuoso violinists of our time. In his adoptive homeland, the USA, the major orchestras and concert halls have recognised this somewhat sooner than in Europe, but in the view of this current CD recording it can only be a matter of time until Augustin Hadelich becomes one of the established greats in our concertgoing lives, too. Much speaks in his favour: the clarity and intensity of his tone, the technical perfection, the almost merciless emotional authenticity of his playing, all of which add up to the magic with which Hadelich so directly moves his listeners. 
Deutschlandfunk | 20th April 2014 | "Die neue Platte"



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